• thanksgiving

THANKSgiving – How to Embrace Thankfulness and Giving

As we approach Thanksgiving tomorrow, take a deep breath and exhale, reflect on the blessings in your life. In our consumer driven world, it seems like we start seeing glimpses of Christmas each year earlier than the last. Thanksgiving becomes...
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  • Wealth, Are You a Slave

Wealth, Are You a Slave Chasing After It?

I recently went to Mexico on a mission trip and made a startling discover while I was there, that I was a slave. Upon arriving and working with a team of local maestros, experienced tradesmen, I had the chance to...
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  • gift_of_the_journey

The Gift In the Journey

Have you every taken a family vacation and enjoyed getting there just as much as enjoying the destination itself? Our family is notorious for taking family vacations out west and driving to get there. We have driven routinely to Minnesota...
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  • we_are_the_underdogs

We Are The Underdogs

Many people have a favorite sports team, often influenced by where they live, or maybe they have latched on to a sport or team because of their friends and family. Or if you’re like my wife it was a collision...
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  • rewriting_my_story

Rewriting My Story

What’s important to you, how do you want to be remembered? I began to ask myself these two questions earlier this year, and realized that what I wanted to do was leave a legacy beyond just my children, I wanted...
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  • the_lesson_i_learned_from_a_child

The Lesson I Learned From A Child

I was invited to participate as a panelist to review potential candidates for a student gifted music program. I was rather surprised and excited at the same time when I checked my email app on my phone, there was a...
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  • nov_9th_the_morning_after

Nov. 9th The Morning After

It is the morning after the 2016 election, have you allowed the outcome to define who you are or have you already risen above the gunfire of dialogue? Many of you stayed awake last night, as did I, to witness...
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  • what_is_your_big_dream

What Is Your Big Dream

What is your big dream, and what are you doing about it. As I sit here typing this, I’m watching Game 6 of the World Series, the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians this crisp fall evening. There is a...
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  • pizza_kung_fu_and_the_grand_master

Pizza, Kung Fu, and the Grand Master

It is a well known fact amongst our friends that Friday is pizza night at the Hines house. We will usually rotate between a few different places from week to week, call in an order, and bring it home. We...
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  • 5_step_creativity_hack

5 Step Creativity Hack

I was talking with my friend Melissa about the topic of creativity, she was asking me about some woodworking that I enjoy doing and wondered since I seemed so passionate about it, if I considered pursuing it as part-time income...
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